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Instagram, a social networking website, was founded by two American entrepreneurs, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It’s a photo and video-sharing app that also lets you make phone calls and send messages. Instagram users may post photos and videos that have been altered with a variety of filters and editing tools. Instagram was a stand-alone social media platform until Facebook Inc. bought it for $1 billion, and it is now part of the Facebook family (Meta).


Hashtags and geotags are Instagram capabilities that allow users to identify items relating to any subject and determine the location of a post by using hashtags. Users can limit who sees their material by making it visible only to their followers or to the entire public. Users who follow other users can view their posts in their feeds. Presently, this site is owned by Mark Zuckerberg since facebook company owner and CEO purchased this app for about $1 billion in 2012.

This app has a number of features from post-editing like changing of ratio and use of filters and story addition and edition and earning from Instagram posts and stories. Instagram is a leading site in sense of sharing photos and stories for which companies hire celebrities and they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per post and story. Everyone can have followers on Instagram and the more followers you will have, the more you can earn through it.

There is no limit of sharing posts, photos and videos, and stories on Instagram. You can share your posts and other posts on your wall to your story and can mention people and tag places where you go and you can change the background color of your stories too.

Archive Photos:

Along with the above-mentioned features, Instagram has another amazing and cool feature related to the posts you make on your Instagram profile. After making a post, any photo, or video, you can have the option of archiving it.

The term archive has been derived from a Greek term that means to store in a less frequently used store. It also means to store in a place which is not common. Archiving in Instagram means storing your post to a less frequently used storage system.

When you post something, any photo or video on Instagram and you feel like the post should be hidden from the audience for sometimes, or you think of it like it shouldn’t be visible to everyone and only you would have access to the post, then this option is the best option for you.

You can Archive Photos in Instagram and the post will be removed from your feed or profile and will be stored in different storage that will be available for you only. This feature is so amazing for users as there come situations when we have to hide something temporarily or permanently from some users or sometimes from everyone and we cannot delete them sometimes and archive is the best option in this scenario.

Now the question that arises here is how to archive photos in Instagram. There are options of archiving your Instagram post and story as well. We will discuss both of them separately here.

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How to Archive Photos in Instagram

To archive posts on Instagram, you have to first make open your Instagram profile and open the specific post you want to archive. Follow the below steps to archive photos in Instagram.

  1. Open your instagram profile and go to the post you want to archive
  2. Tap the post and open it
  3. Go to the options clicking the three dots on the top right
  4. Choose the “archive” option from there

Your post is now disappearing from the feed and no one can see it anymore on your profile.

How To Archive Story?

Make a story on your instagram and go to the settings of the story. From the settings, select the option of save story to archive and after 24 hours of your story, it disappears from the story and automatically saves to archive and you can see it anytime.

How to turn on/ off your stories to Archive:

You can manually control whether to save your stories to archive or not. For this, you have to

  1. Open your profile
  2. Go to menu
  3. Open setting
  4. Go to the privacy > story.
  5. From there, turn the option to On / Off.

How to put archived postback:

If you are now trying to put back your archived posts back on your profile, then here is the way of putting them back.

  1. Open your Instagram and go to the profile there
  2. Open the menu from your profile
  3. Go to archive
  4. Choose the post, photo or video, that you want to put back from archives to your profile
  5. Tap the three dots on the top right to open the options
  6. Now tap on the show to profile option. The post will restore to its original position from where it was archived.

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Archived Photos in Instagram

Where to find Archived photos on Instagram

If you have Archive Photos in Instagram you can get access to it by following the below steps.

  1. Open up your Instagram app and go to your profile there.
  2. Now go to the menu tapping the three bars on the right top corner.
  3. There you will see the archive options.
  4. Open the archives. This will bring the archived posts from your feed.
  5. Tap the post you want to show up again on your profile.
  6. It is quite easy to unarchive a post by tapping the three grids by the post. This will open the options of the post.
  7. Click on the show on profile option and your post, photo or video, will be back on your profile.

Tap the three option dots on the right top which will pop up two options of “setting” and “create highlight”. By going to the later one, you can create highlights of your Archive Photos in Instagram.

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