How to Change the Background Color on the Instagram Story

Instagram is one of the leading social networking sites in the field of technology and socialization. It was founded by two American entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on October 6, 2010. Presently, the net worth of this social networking site is estimated to be around $102 billion. It is a photo and video sharing site where users share millions of posts daily and most of the users earn their earnings through it. Through the passage of time, features on Instagram were added and the already existing ones were modified to attract more users and to entertain the existing users. Some of the main changes were made in the section of the story.


As much as users earn through posts on their timelines, they also can earn and do earn through Instagram stories too. One can give a paid shout-outs or can advertise some brand through their stories. Instagram stories can have a huge impact on the mindsets of users from their ideals or social media influencers. For this, the attention of more and more users is needed to be attracted towards Instagram posts and stories.

Over time, the story features have been added and modified to attract the attention of users. Some of the best changes ever made in Instagram stories are changing of background, use of filters for the camera, VR effects, tagging places where you go, mentioning someone in your stories, drawing on the photos of the story, addition of paid partnership label and writing on the story, etc.

Here, we will tell you how to change the background color of the Instagram story. Below here, we are going to tell you some to change the background color of your story. There are a number of ways of doing so but we will just discuss some of the important ways.

Using Create tool

If you don’t have any photo with background color, and you want to change the color of a regular Instagram story from creation mood, here is the process.

  1. Open your Instagram feed and click on the ‘your story’ on the left top with a + sign.
  2. From the menus on the left side, select the icon “Aa” to create a new story draft.
  3. On the right top click the scribble icons
  4. Depending on your choice of a solid or opaque background, select a pen or highlighter brush from the menu
  5. From the color options at the bottom, choose your preset color. Select and hold it for a few seconds and your new background color will be there.
  6. After making changes and writing captions or whatever you want to do, save the changes you made.

If you want to have more colors option other than the colors at the bottom, then hold the color for a few seconds and it will open a rainbow pallet for you. Drag the curser to your requisite color and release.

Making A Transparent Background

Now, if you are trying to have a cool transparent background on a photo or video, then here is how to do so.

  1. Upload the background photo
  2. Select the ‘open’ button
  3. The 3rd option
  4. Select a color from the bottom of the screen
  5. Hold the screen with your finger.

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Instagram Story

Here comes your transparent background

How to change the background color by not covering the image

If you don’t want to cover up the photo then you must upload a background color first and then follow the steps given below. Changing the color may take up to 30 seconds.

  1. Open your instagram story from the feed
  2. Use a picture from the gallery
  3. Add a background color by following the previous steps
  4. Save the edited screen by clicking the down arrow
  5. Now discard the photo used from the gallery
  6. Add the saved picture again by swiping up the screen from the camera roll
  7. Now click the sticker button from the menu
  8. Click on the ‘photo’ sticker
  9. Choose the photo you want to add to the story

Your story photo will be above the colored background.

Change of background color when sharing a story

This feature is just for iOs. Android users don’t have this feature yet. If you are an android user then go on scrolling.

iPhone users can change the color of their background by following these steps;

  1. Choose the post from the feed you want to add on the story
  2. Add the post to your story
  3. Select the ‘pen’ option from the menu
  4. Choose the first pen from the options
  5. Choose your favorite color from the bottom of the screen
  6. Hold the screen for a few seconds and your new background color will be there.

The above technique doesn’t work for androids. Androids don’t have this feature yet. But there is another trick for android users. This trick may take some time but it will work for sure.

For this you have to download a new app called “swift key”. Save your photo or the background color you want to use in your gallery and take a screen snap of it. Now share a post from your feed to your story and make the background color white. Now again take a screenshot and crop it to the post only. Make the post very large and press the “Aa” button from the menu.


Then select the “sticker” button. Now select the “pin” button. Now, select the camera button there. Choose the screenshot of the post. You might be wondering but it for sure has worked.

Above are some of the commonly used tricks by most Instagram users. Some of the above-mentioned techniques are for iPhone users only and some of them are for both iPhone and Android users. Follow the techniques mentioned above and enjoy your Instagram story and attract users to your stories and ultimately increase your followers and fans.

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