How To Earn Money From Instagram

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, two American entrepreneurs, established Instagram, a social networking platform. It’s a photo and video sharing platform that also allows you to phone and send messages. Instagram users can share photographs and videos that can be modified with various filters and editing options. Instagram was an independent social networking site until Facebook Inc.

Purchased it for $1 billion, and it is now a member of the Facebook family (Meta). Hash tags and geo tags are tools on Instagram that allow users to locate the location of a post and find things relevant to any topic by utilizing hash tags. Users can control who sees their content by limiting it to the full public or just their followers. By following other users, users can see their postings in their feeds.

Earn Money From Instagram:

Instagram has been proved as a source of earning and income for a number of users through different ways and techniques. There are a number ways a user can earn money from Instagram. There is no doubt instagram has grew as powerful site for earning for users as the social networking site has grown to 1 billion worldwide users. Users from different fields use this social networking site differently as their fields are.

Like a model earn differently and a nutritionist use according to his/her field to earn from it. A sportsman may share contents related to sports and a model or influencer advertise different brands to earn. Below here are some of the ways to earn money from Instagram through different techniques. One can choose things related to one’s own field to earn.

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1. Publishing Sponsored Things

Publishing sponsored posts on instagram is the most important and popular way of earn money from Instagram. Users of the platform are for sure similar of #sponsored and #ad on the site. For this you need to an Influencer. In a nutshell, an inluencer is a person who has fan following online through sharing relevant posts to the interests of the followers. Their followers respect their view points and ideas and seem to have influence on their followers in their lives.

2. By Selling Digital Products

Instagram has become so easy to advertise and sell products online. Selling digital products nowadays is not a thing to surprise you. If you are a writer, you can sell your ebook on instagram. If you have graphics skills you can design templates.  The business account on instagram has easy-to-use and updated features that help your customers to reach you easily and safely. The shop button, in-app purchase and product tagging are some prominent features for online business on Instagram.

3. Developing Photo Filters & Stories Masks

Instagram copied snapchat style of photo filters in 2016 and this was one of the defining moment in the history of the networking site. These features attract the interest of users and are fun and entertainment for children. The fact that nearly 500 million instagram users either create their stories or watch the stories of others has created a big business opportunity for those who can develop sorts of filters and masks for the company.

4. Opening an E-commerce Shop Of Your Own

Selling physical and digital goods of your own on instagram is not the only option to earn money from instagram. You can also provide a platform for others to sell their products and services earning commission. Opening a e-commerce shop is another good way to earn money from Instagram.  You can have print-on-demand service to sell printed t-shirts and mugs. You can likewise have the choice of photography and consultancy utilizing your profile to coordinate intrigued individuals.

5. Selling Your Account

Selling your verified Instagram account is another option to earn money from Instagram. People don’t have enough time to make an account and nourish it to use for business purpose so they try to find a viral account with already huge fan following. Entrepreneurs use such accounts to advertise their products and flourish their business through it. So, if you have an account already with a good number of followers and is of no use of yours then better sell it and earn good.

6. Sell Physical Products

Like digital products, you can also sell physical products through instagram. For this, you can advertise the product through your account and give your contacts and prices and conditions along with the products. Instagram has the option to tag price and store or the shop where they can find your product or if you are selling the product online, you can add payment methods for your products. This is an easy way to sell products.

7. Becoming the brand ambassador of a Company

Working as a brand ambassador for a company or product is another option for earn money from Instagram nowadays. Brand ambassadors posts sponsored posts for advertisement of the product. The thing is that companies tend have long term relationship with the ambassadors/influencers to promote the product and company in a positive way on regular basis.

As this social networking site is the most popular site for influencer marketing, so it is the best option for users to find ambassadors and collaborate with companies for the advertisement of their products.

8. Consulting

You can share your knowledge or experience about your field to others. Like a content creator can share his expertise and a dietitian can provide diet plans to their patients.

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Instagram Monetization

Instagram monetization is the process through which we can earn money from Instagram account. You can engage your fan following to promote the product in turn of a payment. It’s also possible revenue for your own products from there.

How to monetize your videos on Instagram

Following are some ways to monetize your video on instagram and making money through    them.

  1. Tagging or mentioning the brands in your videos
  2. Making how-to video tutorials about the products and services
  3. By giving reviews about specific products in your videos
  4. Making video ads to drive customer attentions to your websites to make sales

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