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Find and view Instagram profile pictures in full HD quality

What is InstaDP?

InstaDP is one of those great tool designed in a specific way to help its users download full-size Instagram display photo. The tool is known to work for public as well as private accounts, which means that you can download full-size pictures of other Insta profile as well as your own display picture.

Insta DP – Everything You Need To Know

As told before, InstaDP is a tool that works by downloading full-size Instagram profile pictures from other profiles.

InstaDP works by allowing the user to download the profile picture of any person they like or follow. This will enable them to share high quality profile photos with friends and family and they can also save them. The picture can be shared on social media platforms that supports big size images.

The best part is that, the application is free and easy to use. All you need to do is to tap the username of the person you want to download from. Upon clicking, you will be presented with an option to either add them in your following list or download their photos or content. Another best thing about this app is that it works offline, so you can just see the downloaded photos and videos without having an active internet connection.

Why Use Insta DP?

People want to use InstaDP for several different reasons while some want to make sure that their privacy is secured and others want to explore the profile photos and daily lives of their fav celebrities.

For the privacy part, there are several companies and free app that will provide the privacy and protection that is needed. But, for the other lot we have the perfect website, InstaDP – it is great because it makes sure that the Instagram account spreads some positive energy to the campaign any user is running.

If the profile picture of the user is private while sitting in their privacy settings, Insta DP will make sure to find the easiest way to reveal the person running the private account.

Without Insta DP, you can spent multiple hours looking at your phone trying to see which parts of an image – from the small circle – adds up to anyone you know, or you can simple search the name of the person in InstaDP to download their profile photos.

Meanwhile, Insta DP makes sure the users are provided with enough information to make an well-balanced decision regarding whether or not they choose to follow the other user on Instagram, who looks known to them. For example, if you have a request from someone you can quickly look them up in InstaDP before accepting their request.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you download InstaDP?

Indeed! One of the most interesting and useful parts about InstaDP as told by its programmers is that it’s cross-platform compatible, which, in simple terms, means that users can make their own their photographic library at various places.

2. Is InstaDP safe?

Yes, InstaDP has some handy tools that will help you to protect your sensitive information. For example, if you are using the tool on desktop app then the app will send you an OTP key which you can use to protect your data and prevent it from leaking in any way.

3. Is InstaDP Anonymous?

Like other social media platforms, InstaDP is a free service that provides its users exactly what hey need, which means that it gives them the ability to share photos, follow people, as well as receive updates from accounts they wish to follow or are interested in it.


InstaDP is a highly used application that is rusted by over 1 billion active users throughout the world. The app allows its users to browse through unknown people profiles, search for any username, and download the photos from them. For newbies, it is the best app that they can start with due to its friends interface however it is also a perfect option for veteran social media users.

As we have approached towards the end. I hope that I have provided you with enough and reliable resources that will help you in your quest and it will also enable you to cheer on the fact that you can now view profile photos of your most desired person.

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