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View Instagram Content Anonymously using Dumpor


Dumpor is a tool to stalk someone anonymously on Instagram. You can watch their profile, stories, posts and followers by using this tool. It is an interesting way to view someone’s profile while hiding your identify and giving life to your spy characteristics.

Instagram is a very popular platform and as per media report sit has more than 2 billion active users which means that it is a mini world to connect with like-minded individuals. However, there are still some people who doesn’t want to use Instagram but they want to view other profiles. Dumpor is the platform for them to engage users who want to connect anonymously.

How Does Dumpor Work?

Dumpor is categorised as an Instagram post analyzer or viewer. It is basically an algorithm that enables users to watch other users’ profiles stories or posts or any other related data.

Dumpor works in great way to explore the rival profiles they might have followed you so you can use Dumpor to analyze their profiles and posts so you can have a great idea of how to organise your posts accordingly. It is a great way to up your game and stay ahead of the curve. You can easily find followers, hashtags, people and others by using this tool.

How to use Dumpor

Using Dumpor is quiet simple just like the other tools that we use to stalk Instagram. Here are the few simple steps that you can follow as a beginner:

  • Visiting the Dumpor website using your browser
  • Create your user account on the web
  • Go to the Instagram profile or user that you want to visit
  • Now enjoy browsing the different accounts all while keeping your identity hidden

Features of Dumpor

The basic functioning of Dumpor is to explore accounts, stories, profiles of your fav user. All of these things are done anonymously without the fear of getting exposed you can act like a spy and have an great insight about the other user profile.

Here are the most important features that lures everyone to try it for once

Free to Use

The best part about these platforms is that it is free to use most of the time such awesome features are not given for free infact people pay high amount to use these services.

Free Download

The tool is free to use and as well as it also download videos and posts for free. From the available option you can download as many videos, photos, and stories as you want. You won’t face any restrictions while using this app.

Users Friendly Interface

As cool as it sounds the tool is extremely user-friendly which means that any beginner can get to start easily while using Dumpor. As easy step-by-step guide will also guide the user to start exploring others profile in anonymous mode.

Anonymously Browsing

It is interesting when a profile owner won’t know that someone has visited the profile to spy on your posts. The tool adds a lot of value to the user experience as well a sit benefits the customer to get the insight on the competitors app.

Explore Hashtag

Explore the endless Opportunities of hashtags and it’s benefits by using the tool. It also helps to increase the reach of your profile.


Never the less, the above mentioned traits of dumpor is one of the best sources to hide your identity while exploring anything on Instagram. Here is an alternative that will improve and maintained the same experience as Dumpor.

Instagram Visual interference

It is a globally recognized website that enables the users to visit different profiles of people for getting to know many secretive things and ideas without the other person knowing. It also allows you to download certain things from the account that you are secretly exploring. On the flip side, you can not download anything from the private account but this function can be performed on a public account.


This platform has extraordinary use because of having the option to stalk the profile of other users. Not only this, you can also watch offline videos, stories, and posts of all the accounts that are public. While for private platforms you can only view them online.

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