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Picuki is a photo editor and viewing tool for Instagram. It is a web app that enable users to access Instagram profiles, along with their followers, stories, posts, tags, and locations.

Moreover, Picuki is an online web-based tool that is completely free to use. It enables users to upload Instagram photos and share the content related to that profile immediately.

Picuki Instagram also empower users to see Instagram’s popular material that include: topics also called as hashtags and profiles. The best part about Picuki that also distinguish it from other web-based tools is that it does not need the user to create an Instagram account.

Picuki is Free to Download

Picuki features and its additional features is completely free to use and that can be achieved by simply logging in to your account.

To access the services of Picuki, you must have to have an Instagram account. Once your account is created, you can then use the app’s features just like you would with other social media apps.

For instance, you may use names to find People’s profile and view their posts and related content. You can access Picuki via the Google Play Store.

Picuki Allows You to Download Any Content From Instagram

Picuki online tool allows you to effortlessly download Instagram photos and videos. You can also see your friends’ profiles and keep up with the latest news on Instagram.

Just by sitting at home, you can effortlessly watch the profiles of your favorite celebrities that was never so easy before. Additionally, you can also download their Instagram stories and share them with your friends and family using this amazing tool.

With Picuki, an alternative to Instagram’s search engine, you can discover anything just like you would do on Instagram. Be it photos, videos, reel, you name it and it’s there. 

You can search for the desired profiles, their photos, videos, and you can even use the correct Hashtag to pinpoint them. The same applies to the other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Likewise, you can download Instagram posts or any other posts with a single. After logging in, you must input the source such as hashtag and look for the location, after then click the “download” button.

Picuki Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will others become aware when you look at Picuki?

No, people will never doubt if their Instagram profile or photos are viewed. Only the user who viewed it will be aware of the intrusion.

Q2: Is Picuki Legal?

Yes, it is an extremely secure tool to browse, and also legitimate that can be used to download photos, videos and any other content.

Q3: Picuki is Anonymous?

Yes, Picuki maintain completely anonymity, as you can see that the owner of the Instagram profile will never know about your views.

Q4: How do you view someone’s profile?

Follow these few basic steps:

  • Go to the Picuki Instagram.
  • Now, enter the username of the person you’re looking to download from
  • Specify your desired criteria before beginning the search
  • Now select the correct profile after the results are displayed

Q5: Why is Picuki not working Correctly?

Due to Picuki ever-growing popularity the website receives a high volume of traffic. So, when the amount of traffic on the server increases, some of the functions may become difficult to perform. However, if you keep refreshing it after some time or just cleaning the caches will help you regain the hold.

Q6: What is a Picuki Error and How Do You Fix it?

Picuki error can be resolved by reloading or refreshing the page, wait for some time, or you can also try emptying the website’s cache.

Q7: is Free?

Yes, Picuki is absolutely free and you can look for the profiles just by sitting at your home.


In this article we have covered every detail regarding Picuki. In order to use it you need to put the correct hashtag or profile name. You can then share the profile’s content with your friends and anyone else..

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