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Instagram has a lot of features while one of its secret features is known as Verification. Verification on Instagram seems difficult to a lot of people’s but with the help of a few steps, it will look simple to you. But the main purpose of Instagram verification is to separate their real users who seem to be celebrities or businessmen. This article will help you out to get verified on Instagram.


The main question that comes to our mind is what Instagram verification means? Instagram verification is a process that states that your Instagram profile is associated with celebrities, public figures, brands, or any type of business that is well known to the public. You have seen a lot of blue checkmarks while using other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, e.t.c. These blue ticks which make your profile verified show that you are trustworthy.

Like other social media platforms, these types of verified checkmarks/badges help the Instagram community to find the accurate accounts of their favorite celebrity. These badges/checkmarks can be found side by side to the username or sought after the status.

According to Instagram those accounts who are verified on Instagram don’t receive any kind of special treatment like business accounts. Verified accounts are more likely to engage more audiences to their profile than business accounts because of the content they share on Instagram.

Who Can Be Verified On Instagram?

The next question which is asked is most probably Who Can Be Verified On Instagram? Any user on Instagram can apply to get verified on Instagram but it depends on Instagram who they select. Instagram has said that only those who are known by the public like public figures, celebrities can get verified blue ticks/checkmarks.

First of all, you need to comply with the Instagram Terms of Service. After that, you need to follow the Community Guidelines. You are also required to meet the following requirements:

Your account seems to be authentic like you are a registered business, person, or brand. Your account must be unique like Instagram can verify one account per business or person. Private accounts on Instagram are not able to get verification. After that, you need to have a complete biography, profile photo, and at least one post.

Instagram is known by every person and has a remarkable name. You are able to get verified on Instagram if you feel confident that you will meet the following criteria.

There are the following steps that will help you to be Verified On Instagram.

Steps To Follow:

  • You need to login into your account which you want to get verified on Instagram.
  • Go to the menu icon at the top-right
  • Then you need to go to
  • After that select the
  • And then click on request verification
  • You need to complete the form with your Instagram
  • Your full name/legal name will be required. This could be your name or the name of your business. Should choose the name which is common among your audience. You will also be required to enter information if people will call you by a nickname, middle name, or another
  • Can also choose any type of category like music, entertainment, fashion, influencer/blogger, brand/business/organization, t.c which you think is appropriate for your Instagram account.
  • Are also required to attach a photocopy of any identity which is issued by the government or any official documents of your
  • Check the information you entered is
  • Click on the Send

Instagram will verify your application and will notify you whether your application is approved or not. The message will be sent to your Instagram notification.

There are few steps that will help you to increase your chances to get verified on Instagram.

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Get Verified on Instagram

Create other social profiles:

If you have more followers on social media platforms then your Instagram account would look more genuine. To gain more followers you need to be more active on your Instagram account by posting content in terms of the interests of your audience which would be liked by your followers.

Keep an eye out for impersonator profiles:

You have seen on Instagram that many of the well-known brands, celebrities, public figures accounts are verified by Instagram because they have higher chances of being impersonated.

There are a lot of questions that are asked people one of them is Can a normal person get verified on Instagram? The answer is NO. As per the policy, you need to have a certain amount of followers to become eligible. The second question is that Do we have to pay Instagram to get verified? Again the answer is NO. After you submit your application.

Instagram will review your application and decide whether you are eligible or not and doesn’t charge any type of fees. The most asked question is how many followers do you need to be verified by Instagram? You need to have a significant amount of followers on your Instagram. Most of the people asked what does significant amount means?

The significant amount of followers means that you should have at least 10000 followers on your Instagram account to get verification. The other most asked question is that Do verified accounts get paid by Instagram? After your account is verified by Instagram you have a lot of chances to grow your business this is one of the reasons why businesses love to be verified on Instagram.


At the end of the article, we would like to say that getting verified on Instagram is seems to be a difficult task and it requires time and patience of the account holder. Your accounts on social media are a reflection of your brand, business, a talent so that the one who follows you remember your brand in a good world. You have seen a lot of trends on social media platforms.

All you need is to stay active, keep learning and go with the flow. By getting verified by Instagram is one step that will help you to boost your business/brand and make it more well known.

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