How To See Who Has Unfollowed You On Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular platform where usually people post Photos Videos and Specially Stories to mentioned their daily lifestyle. It is an American company with worldwide more than 1 billion users. The net worth of this networking site is estimated to be around $102 billion. From the day one Insta administration has been trying to make this site more interesting and user friendly and they are introducing more features and updates continuously.


Everyone on Instagram tries to have more followers than the number of their following. The more followers on has, the more the person can earn from Insta and vise versa. But now-a-days youth who even don’t earn from Instagram try to have more followers to show off. They follow random accounts on daily basis and when the other user follow back them, they unfollow the user.

This cause the 2nd user to have more following then followers. The question arises here is how can we find who has unfollowed us on Instagram? There are number of ways to find out if someone is still following you or not.

The simple way most of the users practice to find if someone is following them or not is simply going to the particular user’s profile that you doubt. Go to his/her Instagram profile and check the following list. If the user is still your follower, you name will be shown on the top of the list.

If your name is no showing there on the top of the list, that means the user has unfollowed you or has never followed you. You can unfollow the user from his profile.

If you want to see all the unfollowers at once, then you need to get some apps for that. There are a number of apps on play store that help you to find out who and else have unfollowed you on Insta after you followed them. Below are some apps that are widely used by users to find out unfollowers on their account.

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1. Follow Cop

This app is widely used by users. It allows users to see who has unfollowed them since last their last log in. This app is reliable and you can track followers and unfollowers. It has ads too but that will not cause trouble.

2. Follower Analyzer

This app provides you relevant analysis about your followers on Insta. You can see who has followed you, who have unfollowed you, who is not following you back, and your mutual friends through this app. You can also find out who has never liked and commented on your posts. This app also tells you who has tagged you most in their posts.

3. Mono Mosaic (Instagram Followers Insight)

Instagram app has some free features and some paid ones too. This app has an overall rating of 4.5 with 150,000 users. This app allows users to:

  1. See who has blocked you
  2. Analyze number of followers you have gained or lost
  3. Unfollow people who has unfollowed you
  4. Manage more than one Instagram account
  5. Give shout out to your favorite followers
  6. Warns you about possible spammers, spies and about the inactive users. This app contains advertisements too.

4. CC SOFT (Instagram Followers Tool)

This app helps you better manage your Instagram account. Like most apps, some of its features are free (with ad) and you have to pay for some features. Through this app, you can follow, unfollow, block and unblock as many users as you like to. This app has no limit. You can also set it to auto unfollow and it will unfollow those users who unfollow you, with a separate list. You will be also being able to see who has blocked you and unblocked you through this app. This app has the feature of telling the statics of total number of posts, followers, comments and likes.

5. Follow Meter For Instagram

Follow meter for Instagram is another amazing app to help you to manage your insta account with the following features for free:

  1. Total followers you got
  2. followers you lost
  3.  number of non-followers
  4.  likes you got
  5.  comments you got
  6. Average likes on your posts
  7. Average comments on your posts
  8. Your most and least likes photos and videos on Instagram. If you subscribe the premium offer, you will get some other features too.

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6. Tracker for Instagram

This app tracks your followers and calculates the number of users who has unfollowed you. It also tells the most liked and commented post of yours on Insta. You can also track your followers’ engagement on Instagram. This app is free but if you opted the premium version, you can get some additional amazing features like your stalker, the most liker and most commenter on your posts.

7. Follow Track Pro

This app comes with in-app purchase. It is free to find out who has followed you and who has unfollowed you and who is not following you back through this app. It also tells about the deleted comments and more. This app is only for iOS.

8. Followers & Ghost Followers

Another popular app used by Insta users for followers and unfollowers analytics. There are more than 40,000 users of this app with average rating of 4.5 on Google play store.

The main features of this app are;

  1. You can white list your users
  2. Can get a chance to be added in the global shout out
  3. You can follow/unfollow users from within the app. It is a free app but it includes ads.

9. Unfollowers For Instagram Lost

This amazing free app allows you to know your non followers and lost followers.  This app also highlights those who don’t follow you back.  This app has the feature of highlighting those users who has forgotten to follow you back.

Above are some of the most used apps to know your followers and unfollowers and there are many more free and paid apps on play store and apple store which can be used to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram.

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