How To Post Several Photos On Your Instagram Story At A Time

Almost every single person around the world uses Instagram. There are lots of features on Instagram like posting photos or sharing them in your stories. Unlike posts, Instagram stories don’t last for more than 24 hours. A lot of peoples uses Instagram posts and stories for sharing the enjoyment in their life, for providing others a better sense regarding themselves and their likes and dislikes, and to be connected with the peoples.


Instagram stories are temporary which last only for not more than 24 hours. There are the following steps that will help you guys out to post more than one picture on your stories:

  1. On your Instagram you will see a New Post option, you need to scroll down to the bottom and select STORY.
  2. Click on the image on the bottom left of your Instagram app.
  3. Now the images from your gallery are shown to you. You will see an option on the top right and you will also see an option SELECT multiple times.
  4. Now you are able to SELECT as many images as you want to post on your STORY. Once you are done just click on the NEXT option.
  5. Now you will be given an option to add STICKERS to your STORY. To see all the STICKERS you just need to swipe up your screen. When you are done with adding stickers to your story just click on the NEXT button to move further.
  6. Now Instagram will display a list of a number of people with whom you can share your STORY. If you want it to go public, just click on SHARE then click on the Done option to publish.

That’s how Instagram allows you to add several photos at a time to your Instagram story.

How Do I Post Photos To The Same Story?

The sticker option will help you out to post several photos on one Instagram Story.

  • To open your Stories, you need to click on the Camera Icon on your Instagram app.
  • After that, Click on the photo icon to add a photo to your Story.
  • Click on the Sticker icon at the top of your screen.
  • You need to find the photo sticker by scrolling down and after you find just click on it.
  • Then the screen will show you the second photo.
  • Do this process several times until all the photos you need for your story.
  • To rearrange your photos drag them around. To make the size of your picture bigger or smaller you just need to pinch or spread the photo with your fingers across the screen.
  • Complete your story by adding text, music, or drawings if you want.
  • Tap on your story to add photos to your story.

How To Create A Collage From Several Photos:

Have you ever tried to collage your favorite photos and post them on your Instagram story? Instagram Layout is an option that will help you out. Let’s learn how to do it:

  • To open your Stories, you need to click on the Camera Icon on your Instagram app.
  • Click on the LAYOUT option on the left side of the screen.
  • Just scroll down and you will see several LAYOUT options available.
  • Choose photos you want to add to your collage by clicking on the photo icon at the lower left.
  • After creating your collage, you can complete it by adding text, music, filters if you want.
  • Click on your story to share what you have created with your loved ones.

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How To Post Multiple Photos Without Cropping?

A long time ago, several photos can only be added if they were in a similar format and Instagram is well known for it. Instagram doesn’t require you to use square photos in various photos. All photos you choose will be of the same exact ratio as the original photo.

  • Open your Instagram, and click on the + button at the top.
  • Select a photo either vertical, horizontal, or square.
  • Select all the photos you wanted to post. Instagram will automatically crop down all the photos with the same exact ratio as the original photo.
  • Drag the crop picture around until and unless you are satisfied.
  • Click next to add text and filters if you want.
  • Click next to add captions, hashtags, locations, or anything else you want.
  • Lastly, Click on the share option to share your post with multiple photos.

Creative Instagram Story Ideas for Engaging Your Audience:

Now you have learned how to post several photos in your Instagram story. But are you sure it will engage your followers? You are a blogger or a business expert who wants to grow by engaging an audience on your Instagram. These are the following steps that will help you out:

1. Go Live:

Instagram live videos will help you out to do conversation with your followers and engage the different audiences. It will help you out by questions, comments, or help you find different ideas.

2. Giveaways And Contests:

The best ways to work with brand promoters and organizers are to concerts and giveaways. This will increase your followers by their excitement in taking part in giveaways and concerts. You can give a prize to the winner of your concert.

3. Encourage Instagram Posts:

By collaborating with your close followers, you can share their stories or posts on your Instagram account.

4. Conduct A Survey:

Instagram has a variety of poll options that can help you out to ask questions to your Instagram followers and help you to promote your brand and ask questions regarding it.

5. Promote Your Brand:

You can promote a variety of your brands on Instagram and guide your followers regarding new arrivals, stock availability, and designs. You can also promote brands of others by collaborating or paid promotions like selling some courses e.t.c.

6. Use IGTV:

Instagram’s new features like IG TV can help promoters to make long videos of their content which can help to engage so many audiences.

7. Your Creative Talents Are Welcome:

You can share your talent on Instagram like making short videos while you are singing, guiding people regarding health, making homemade food, and a lot more.

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How Do You Layer Pictures On Your Instagram Stories?

Instagram has a lot of features as it allows you to share your pictures and videos on your post in a slide show form. To create a layered picture you first need to create a story and select a photo or video that you want to use as a base picture. Tap and hold on to the image until and unless a square is highlighted. Then click and drag it to the end of the story. Repeat this process until you have desired a number of photos on your story.

How Can I Edit A Photo Before Posting It On Instagram?

We all love capturing pics of our selves our friends but don’t want to end up with Instagram aesthetics. There are some features that can help you out to adjust the crop, saturate your pics before posting them on Instagram.

How Can I Merge Two Photos On Instagram?

With the help of pencil tools on your tools, I will help you out to merge two photos on your Instagram.

How Do You Add Two Stories On Your Instagram?

When you want to post a photo on your Instagram you need to swipe left you will get additional options like posting a photo or adding it to your story. If you are posting a picture on your story you can switch between the filters option.

Can I Post Gif On My Instagram Stories?

It’s not always the best idea to post gifs on your Instagram stories but Instagram provides options. You can do it just for fun but if you want to do it for branding the quality of your post will be degraded.

What is the Maximum Amount Of Pictures I Can Upload On Your Instagram Stories?

You can upload not more than 12 photos on your Instagram story due to the limit by Instagram. You can use different filters contrast or either black and white filter to your story.


In conclusion, Instagram can help you out to share multiple photos on your Instagram, help you to engage a lot of audiences, do brand promotions, and a lot.

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