How To View Private Instagram Profiles?

Those who use Instagram know that they are not able to watch those accounts which are private. If you tried to figure out how to see Instagram private accounts but failed then this article will help you out. The most basic way to view someone’s private account is to either follow them or need to be friends with them. There are a lot of ways that can help you out to view private Instagram accounts without the knowledge of the account holder. There are a lot of reasons that People Want To See Someone Private Instagram Profiles Account like you are in a market where you want to keep an eye on your competitor to find out their strategies or else. Spying on your competitor through small platforms is the best way to keep yourself ahead.


Most of the reasons to view someone’s private Instagram accounts are matters of love like you have a crush on someone and you want to know about them but their Instagram account is private so out of curiosity you search for ways to see their Instagram account. There are some other motives of a person regarding their profession, for example, you are a writer, blogger e.t.c and you want to gather some information regarding that person and for that, you need to go through their account. You can either be parents who want to keep an eye on their child or what they do on social media. There are simple ways to look at someone’s profile that are private. These are also known as Instagram tools which will help you do many other things on Instagram. There are a lot of ways which you can adopt to view Instagram profiles which can either be moral or immoral however they don’t produce the result you want. One of the ways which help to view Instagram’s private accounts is Instagram Private Viewer By iStaunch. All you need is to open an Instagram private viewer by staunch and you need to enter the username of the account you want to view and click on view. After that, you are allowed to view private Instagram photos and videos without any human verification.

View Private Instagram Profiles:

The best and moral way to view someone’s private Instagram photos and videos is to send them a follow request. Sending a follow request is a good and straightforward option. There are chances that your follow request will be accepted if they know you or they will also request to follow you back if you are good friends. Another way is to make a fake Instagram account through the Instagram platform. This is against the terms of the Instagram platform and is also considered illegal. Making a fake account is easier but you need to remember that the account should be created by girls’ name as research shows that 60% of fake accounts are made like that and people respond more quickly to girls’ accounts than boys. Second thing is that you need to upload the picture of girls but remember that girl should not be an actress or celebrity. You need to do some settings to your account and after that. You send a follow request to the person you want to watch. Also Read: How to Delete an Instagram Account On iPhone Instagram Profiles If someone rejects your follow request just send a message to them so that they can become aware of your intention. You can also Search Usernames On Google. There are the following steps which are described below: First, you need to copy the username of the person whom you want to stalk. After that, you need to open the google image or any other image option based on your search engine. Once you are done just paste the username in the search box. There are some possibilities that photos that were shared on Instagram were also shared on other social media platforms.


You can also stalk other people’s private Instagram account if you both have any mutual friends. It will help you out to see your favorite person’s photos and videos. If you want to be secure and want that not everybody sees it. Would be better for you to make your public Instagram account private. You can make your Instagram public until and unless you are a celebrity or a businessman. To make your Instagram account private just follow the following steps given below:
  • Open your Instagram account and go to the profile
  • Click on the 3-horizontal line icon in the upper right corner of your Instagram
  • Then select the (Settings) option in the lower right
  • Find the Private Account option and click on the button to activate
  • Your Instagram profile and posts are now private. They are shown only to people who accept your follow.


You have seen that many of the Instagram accounts are private now. This seems to be a trend on social media that has been going for a while. Celebrities use their accounts as a way to promote their talent/work while others are using it as a way to be safe. Many peoples on social media platforms want to view a private profile just to know about a person their likes and dislikes etc. Peoples think that a person must be cool in the view of the public. Some people don’t want you to see their photos so they make their account private. The best solution to prevent others from viewing your private Instagram account is to set a password. If you wish that another person will not see your private Instagram account, you should keep the password safe.


We should not view someone’s private Instagram profiles as they share their photos and videos with whom they feel safe. We should only view someone else’s private Instagram account if we are given permission by that person. If you want to prevent others from viewing your private Instagram account. Use a password and make sure you never share it with anyone else.

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